Ing.Matteo Corradini (CEO, Founder) UNIMORE

Matteo Corradini Biomedical engineer with years of experience in scientific instrumentation design and production, co-author of 3 patents





Prof. Sergio Fonda (CR&DO Chief R&D Officer, Founder) UNIMORE

Sergio Fonda Associate Professor in BioEngineering. Founder and Manager of Unimore ILO office. co-author of 2 patents.





PhD. Andrea Malagoli (CSO Chief Software Officer) UNIMORE

Andrea Malagoli Information Technology engineer with a PhD in Multiscale Modelling, Computational Simulations and Characterization in Material and Life Sciences. Expert in developing software for biomedical device.





Prof. Anna Vittoria Mattioli (Health Advisor) UNIMORE

Anna Vittoria Mattioli Physician Cardiologist, Vice-President of the Institute in Cardiovascular Research National





Ing. Giovanni Faglioni (CTO Chief Technology Officer)

Giovanni Faglioni Founder of Eurosoft, CEO and founder of Nabla2 s.r.l., expert in software design for embedded device on GNU Linux





Donato Sannino (CMO Chief Marketing Officer)

Donato Sannino Trader with experience in the electronics industry and in the relationship with contractors